Guttuari Tower


dove è situato

Piazza Statuto, 15

+39 0141 399018


The tower cannot be visited.


Comentina Tower , Piazza Roma , Palazzo Gazelli di Rossana , Ponte di Lombriasco Tower , Civic Palace

Built between 1225 and 1235

Square base of 5.80 x 4 meters

Still inhabited today

Between Guelphs and Ghibellines

Located in one of the most important shopping centers in Asti, Piazza Statuto (or Delle Erbe) was at the center of important feuds between Guelphs and Ghibellines.
In particular, story goes that the Ghibelline Guttuari family, owner of the tower and of numerous buildings in the square, was the victim of a reprisal by the Guelph Solaro family, who destroyed numerous houses in the square. From that moment, nothing was built in this space, which instead was used as a market place.

The Severed Tower

Despite the clashes, the lower part of Tower Guttuari initially remained intact. In 1898, it was flattened and equipped with a Ghibelline dovetail battlements. During this intervention, rectangular windows were also opened and the commercial premises of the tobacconist's shop still open today.