Ponte di Lombriasco Tower


dove è situato

Via S. Martino, 24/42



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The tower cannot be visited.



Palazzo Gazelli di Rossana , Palazzo Mazzetti , Trojan Tower , Saint Joseph Marello Exhibition Area , Cathedral of the Assumption and Saint Gotthard

Medieval tower inserted in a Baroque palace

24 meters of height

Medieval Fortified House

Inserted in the Baroque-style Palazzo Gazzelli di Rossana, Torre Ponte di Lombriasco (Ponte di Lombriasco Tower) is visible from Corso Alfieri.
Built in the late thirteenth century, it originally boasted a height of about 36 meters, but towards the end of the seventeenth century it was cut off on an inclined plane.
The tower is all that remains of the patrician residence of the Ponte family, noble Guelphs who lived at the end of the 13th century.

Feature of Torre Ponte di Lombriasco (Ponte di Lombriasco Tower)

With a closed-barreled square base of 8.10 meters per side, the tower fully falls into the category of towers of the "second period". The 1.60 meter thick walls have no particular decorations, except for the pointed window on the south side with an arch decorated in cotto and sandstone, and some slits.
The entrance portal has a pointed arch with an alternating cotto and tuff frame, typical of the Asti style.