Douja D’Or
Ten days dedicated to wine, but not only!

Douja d’Or is one of the three key events of September in Asti, together with the Palio and Festival delle Sagre (Festival of Festivals).

Asti, capital of wine, also known for its delicious gastronomy, unveils itself for ten days through tastings, shows and cultural tours against the backdrop of one of the most prestigious national wine competitions.



From the second to the third weekend of September




In historic buildings, squares and in various points of the center

Type of Events

Type of Events

Wine competition and food and wine event


Douja d’Or owes its name to an ancient terracotta container used to decant, store, and serve the wine common in the Asti area, known as Douja (pronounced “dùja”). This mug also gived the name to Gianduia, a famous Carnival mask originally from Asti, then extended to all of Piedmont, which uses the douja instead of the glass for its cheerful drinks.

Showcase competition for prestigious wines

Established in 1967, from an idea of Giovanni Borello, Douja d’Or has been committed to promoting wine culture for fifty years by allowing consumers to get to know and appreciate the panorama of the best Italian wine productions, educating them in the choice of wines.

Promoted by Azienda Speciale per la Promozione e la Regolazione del Mercato della Camera di Commercio di Asti (Special Company for the Promotion and Regulation of the Market of the Asti Chamber of Commerce), the event has grown from year to year, becoming one of the most important Italian events dedicated to excellent wine.

The national competition awards prizes to wines and grappas, which can thus boast the Douja d’Or brand. Hundreds of labels from all over Italy participate in the competition every year.

The tasters assess each wine based on a triple examination (visual, olfactory and gustatory assessment), awarding the Douja d’Or award only to labels that exceed the score of 85/100.

For the best, that is, those who manage to reach a score of 90/100, there is the coveted award of the Oscar of Douja d’Or. The winning wines are awarded, in addition to the title, the golden jug that symbolizes the event.

Food and wine and culture
Not only excellent wine, but also the best of gastronomy

From the second to the third weekend of September, you can experience ten days of wine culture, through tastings and events in the historic buildings and in the wonderful places in the center of Asti that host the event.

In the days of Douja, you can participate in guided tastings, where the best chefs offer signature dishes and menus, combined with the winning wines of the competition, all accompanied by a rich offer of cultural and musical events, tasting evenings, masterclasses, shows, art exhibitions, and cultural itineraries.

Try the menu of the Douja (Menu della Douja), the dish of the Douja (Piatto della Douja) or the aperitif of the Douja (Aperitivo della Douja): Special menus with the proposals of the restaurateurs available in the restaurants and holiday farmhouses participating in the event. Dishes and recipes reinterpreted for the occasion to enhance the flavors of the area.

During the opening days, the wines awarded in the competition can also be purchased at the Douja wine shop.

For ten days, a full calendar of haute cuisine meetings, food and wine reviews, conferences, themed exhibitions and of course tastings, even until late in the evening, of D.O.C.G., D.O.C., and I.G.P. wines selected by the O.N.A.V. (National Organization of Wine Tasters), AIS and ASPI awaits you.

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Municipality of Asti

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Municipality of Asti

Piazza San Secondo 1  14100 Asti (AT)
P. IVA 00072360050

Municipality of Asti

Piazza San Secondo 1 – 14100 Asti (AT)
P. IVA 00072360050