Comentina Tower


It is the second-highest civil tower in Asti (after the Troiana Tower )

The only tower to have maintained its original height

It is 38.55-meter high

Chiesa di San Bernardino (Church of Saint Bernardine)

The tower is located in Piazza Roma, on the corner with Corso Alfieri in the San Martino-San Rocco district.
For centuries, it was called Torre di San Bernardino (Tower of Saint Bernardine), the name of the church adjacent to it and to which it served as a bell tower. This church was destroyed in 1897 to make room for Palazzo Medici del Vascello, a neo-Gothic style structure that still exists today.

Details and Elements of Style

With a square base of 3.4 meters and a height of 38.55, the Gothic-Piedmontese style tower was among the highest in all of Piedmont (the limit set by the municipality of Asti at the time was 40 meters ).
Tower Comentina has a series of single-lancet windows on all four sides and a double order of cotto and sandstone arches under the swallow-tailed Ghibelline battlements. The barrel is smooth and decorated with a large number of windows. These characteristics place its construction in the second half of the thirteenth century.