Civic Palace


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Piazza San Secondo, 1

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Comentina Tower , Trojan Tower , Palazzo del Podestà

Baroque building

One of the first architectural works by Benedetto Alfieri

Seat of the Municipality of Asti

The Building

The building, built on pre-existing medieval grounds, was transformed between 1726 and 1730 according to a design by Benedetto Alfieri in the Baroque style. This renovation was one of the first assignments for the architect from Asti.
The façade presents a unicum in Alfieri production: three orders of openings, with the central block that stands out thanks to the decorative reliefs and is characterized by a style very close to the Nordic one. In this experimentation, other elements that will remain a constant in the Alfieri language, such as the corbels of the cornices or the vaults of the door jambs, also emerge.

Scalone (Staircase)

The internal staircase leading to the Sala D'Onore (Hall of Honors), designed by Benedetto Alfieri and completed in 1740, is of particular importance.
The decorations were made in 1935 by the hand of Ottavio Baussano. Here we find four medallions that show as many portraits of illustrious people from Asti: Architect Benedetto Alfieri, playwright Giangiorgio Allione, comedy writer Giuseppe Maria Bonzanigo and mathematician-engineer Alberto Castigliano.
Among the decorations on the walls of the staircase there is also that of the map of the city of Asti, taken from Theatrum Sabaudie of 1682.