Fortified House of the Roero di Monteu Family


Eighteenth-century palace with an ancient medieval appearance

Residence of a noble Asti family: Roero

The Structure of the Fortified House

In the corner, with Piazza San Martino in Via Roero, it is possible to admire an imposing eighteenth-century building, which however reveals an ancient medieval appearance. This is evidenced by the ancient pointed arched entrance decorated in terracotta and sandstone, a typical medieval Asti decoration, and by mullioned windows also decorated in the Asti style and characterized by a decorated upper lunette.

The Tower of the Fortified House

It is believed that the tower of the Roero di Monteu fortified house was among the highest in the 19th century.
The building boasts lighter bricks at the corners, a typical decoration of the 13th century Asti architecture. It is also enriched by some pictorial decorations depicting the coat of arms of the Roero family.
In the nineteenth century, the tower was lowered to the height of the building, assuming the dimensions visible today.