Palazzo Michelerio


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Corso Vittorio Alfieri, 381


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Paleontological Fossil Museum , Palazzo Ottolenghi and Museum of the Risorgimento , Palazzo Alfieri , Comentina Tower

Sixteenth-century complex

The loggia courtyard is considered a sixteenth-century masterpiece of Asti

Seat of the Museo dei fossili - paleontologico (Paleontologic Fossil Museum)

The Sixteenth-century Foundation

Former monastery, the complex was founded in 1524 by the will of an important Asti aristocratic family: The Guttuari family. The design was entrusted to Vincenzo Seregno, engineer of the Milan dome worksite, and its construction ended in 1561.

The Loggia Courtyard

The internal arcaded courtyard represents, together with the Cloister of the Chiostro dei Canonici Lateranensi di Santa Maria Nuova (Lateran Canons of New Saint Mary), one of the most important masterpieces of sixteenth-century art in Asti. The building, consisting of two orders of arches divided by rectangular pillars, still preserves all its beauty.
In 1861, the complex became the seat of Opera Pia Michelerio and was used for the education of the poorest until the first postwar period.

Fossil Museum

The complex is now home to the Asti Palaeontological Park Authority and the Fossil Museum, Paleontological..