Zona del Casermone (Barracks Area)


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The result of a urban redevelopment operation

Seat of the Spazio KOR association

Zona del Casermone (Barracks Area)

In the western area of Porta di San Marco (Saint Marc Gate), inside the hamlet of San Rocco (Saint Roch), there is what the Asti people commonly call the "Casermone" (Barracks). Originally, there were three different monasteries in this area, pertaining to Carmelitani Calzati (Carmelites), Carmelitani Scalzi (Discalced Carmelites, under the title of St Joseph) and Sant'Anna (Saint Anne) orders.

The Military Transformation

Convento dei Carmelitani Calzati (Convent of the Calced Carmelites) was built in 1414 and carried out its religious function until 1826. Subsequently the space was used as the Carlo Alberto military barracks and then as the seat of a school. The same fate also befell Convento dei Carmelitani Scalzi (Convent of the Discalced Carmelites): Erected in 1670 under the title of San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph), it first became a barracks for the Fire Brigade and then a school.
Monastero di Sant'Anna (Monastery of Saint Anne), after its annexation to Monastero di Santo Spirito (Monastry of Saint Spirit), was suppressed in 1802 by Napoleon.
With an imperial decree in 1810, this building and the two former convents were ceded to the city and used as barracks, thus becoming the military quarter of Carmine. The facility carried out its military function until the end of the Second World War.

The Redevelopment

The complex was then the subject of an artistic and urban revitalization, which transformed it into a real cultural hub.
The church of San Giuseppe was for example used as a theatre, and is now home to the Kor Space.