Palazzo Zoja


dove è situato

Via Giosué Carducci, 63


The structure cannot be visited


Roman Domus , Palazzo Alfieri , Palazzo Michelerio , Paleontological Fossil Museum , Palazzo Mazzetti , Solaro Tower

13th-century medieval building

Property of the important Zoya family

The Structure of the Building

Palazzo Zoya is a medieval fortified house built on two pre-existing buildings.
Compared to the previous structures, the building was raised by one floor through the construction of six single-light windows decorated in alternating cotto and brick.
Among the prominent elements, we find the six Gothic windows surrounded by sloping arches and the imposing frieze of the cornice. This is characterized by three frames of cotto rhombuses, a purely Gothic motif that can also be found in the decoration of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint Gotthard

The Zoya Family

In 1577, the building was purchased by an important family of Asti bankers: the Zoya family.
Bonifacio Zoya, doctor and purchaser of the building, carried out numerous interventions on the estate: The construction of the loggia located in front of the facade and characterized by a double order of arches is of particular importance.