The Piedmontese breed

The Piedmontese breed of cattle is local, and the first evidence of breeding of this species dates back to 1800.
Currently the main farms are located in the provinces of Asti, Cuneo and Turin.

Raw Meat from Asti

The custom of eating raw meat in the Asti and Piedmontese territories has a very ancient origin, dating back to the first peoples who settled in the region. Today we mainly consume the battuta al coltello tartare, a typical Piedmontese starter.

The Exaltation of Taste

The preparation of this dish is based on cutting the meat, reduced into very fine parts by using a knife and then handled with care, so that it does not lose its organoleptic properties.
The traditional recipe calls for the meat to be seasoned exclusively with a drizzle of oil, salt, and lemon. But today there are many chefs who delight in making reinterpretations of this ancient recipe, such as raw meat accompanied with White Truffle from Piedmont.