The characteristics of the Tajarin

Tajarin are a typical Piedmontese egg pasta of rural origin.
It is a thinner pasta shape than tagliatelle, but thicker than capellini. Tajarin are characterized by an intense yellow color due to the presence of numerous yolks: 30 for a kilo of flour.
The first evidence of this handmade pasta dates back to the fifteenth century.

The Sunday Dish

Tradition has it that the Tajarin are consumed on holidays, Sundays or important celebrations.
They can be seasoned with sauces and aromas typical of the Piedmontese tradition such as the Langhe ragù based on lard, sage, rosemary or with poultry and rabbit livers and White Truffle .

How to Prepare the Pasta

The preparation of Tajarin requires great skill. As with other types of pasta, 00 flour and semolina, eggs and salt are combined. But here the high number of egg whites makes the preparation more complex.
The dough is in fact not easy to handle and trained arms are needed to make it firm and elastic, especially since it is absolutely forbidden to add water or egg white to facilitate processing.