Quartero Tower


dove è situato

Via Roero, 2




The museum is open free to the public by reservation.

It is possible to register for guided tours in Italian, English, French or Spanish.

From Monday to Sunday, with time to be agreed.


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It houses the smallest Mineral Museum in Italy

The tower of the "Three Kings"

Located on the corner of via Roero and Corso Alfieri, Torre Quartero (Quartero Tower) forms together with the nearby Torre De Regibus (De Regibus Tower) and the disappeared "Torretta" (Turret), the corner of Tre Re (Three Kings).
The tower was originally much taller, and was lowered to the level of adjacent houses in the 18th century.

The M.A.G.M.A.X. Museum

In June 2021, the smallest Mineral Museum in Italy was opened in the tower, a private space but open to the public free of charge thanks to the initiative of chemist Massimo Tomalino.
The acronym M.A.G.M.A.X. stands for Museo Astense di Geologia Mineralogia, Arte Mineraria, Cristallografia (Asti Museum of Geology, Mineralogy, Mining Art, Crystallography).
Located in the spectacular scenery of the medieval / Romanesque tower, it collects a microcosm of mineralogy in just 20 square meters.