Natta Tower


dove è situato

Via Natta, 51

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The tower cannot be visited.


Cathedral of the Assumption and Saint Gotthard , Palazzo Zoya , Solaro Tower , Palazzo Mazzola,

Square plan of 5 meters on each side

An example of fortified house in Asti

The Corner Tower

The tower, built at the end of the 12th century, boasts a smooth and tapered structure, crowned by a double band of drop friezes.
Initially, it was an isolated unit, and only later the various buildings were built.
The entrance consisted of an elevated French door, still visible on the east side, which in the past could be reached via removable walkways.
Like almost all towers in the Asti area, Torre Natta (Natta Tower) was originally much higher and underwent a subsequent lowering.

The Natta Palaces

The tower is the oldest building in the complex and is located in an angular position leaning against two independent and orthogonal buildings, with which in the past it formed the solid fortified house owned by the Natta.
The main door of the building overlooking Via Natta is a Renaissance remake, while the ogival door overlooking Via Milliavacca is of Gothic origin, surmounted by an arch with alternating red and white ashlars and bricks, according to the medieval use of Asti.
Other Natta buildings are located in Piazza Statuto, in the San Secondo district.