Church of the Virgin of the Consolation


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Via Adrian Alexander Hope, 15

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Torre Troyana

Piedmontese baroque style church

It stands next to an ancient Cistercian monastery

Also known as Chiesa di San Teobaldo (Church of Saint Theobald)

Between Baroque and Neoclassicism

The Chiesa della Consolata (Church of the Virgin of the Consolation) is located in the San Silvestro district, one of the oldest districts of Asti.
Built after 1655, the church was remodeled in the eighteenth century mixing the Baroque style with a neoclassical facade.
The interior, consisting of one nave, has a barrel ceiling and two side chapels. The central altar represents a fascinating piece in the Rococo style.

The Cistercian Monastery

The monastery next to the church underwent a reconstruction in Baroque style between 1725 and 1730, by the hand of architect G. Antonio Serravalle. From that period, the original central internal staircase that leads to the upper floors is still present.
After the monastic regular orders were suppressed, in 1803, the monastery was transformed into a Female Orphanage.