Church of Saint Roch


It was the seat of the Battuti Verdi confraternity.

A Troubled Past

The Chiesa di San Rocco (Church of Saint Roch) was built in 1720 for the Confraternity of Saint Roch, which previously had its headquarters in the Colleggiata di San Secondo (Collegiate Church of Saint Secundus).
In the course of its history, the church has unfortunately suffered numerous damages: From the housing of the French soldiers prisoners in 1793 to the requisition by the Austrian troops in 1800, who dismantled the organ and transported it to the room next to the tribune, up to the floods of 1943 and 1994.

Stylistic Details

The facade of the church is sober, with exposed bricks, barely moved, and hides a baroque interior with important rectangular columns with grooves and precious Corinthian capitals. The high altar, by Francesco Ferrari, is made up of a rich variety of polychrome marbles. The plan includes a single nave with side chapels and a dome.
In the past there was a lunette above the entrance portal: in its place there is now a round frame with a fresco of two flying angels and an inscription that recalls the restorations of 1945 and 1951.