Palazzo Falletti di Montersino


dove è situato

Via Giovanni Giobert, 21

348 7152273


Palazzo Verasis Asinari , Cathedral of the Assumption and Saint Gotthard , Solaro Tower

14th-century building

Ancient fortified house of the Ghibelline Falletti family

The stone portal is from the Renaissance period

The Falletti Family

The building, erected in the fourteenth century, was the home of an important family from Asti: The Falletti family. Active in the financial field, their main business was lending, in partnership with the important Troya family.

The Palace

The current building no longer reflects the medieval appearance of a strong house. In fact, numerous changes were made by the Incisa di Santo Stefano marquises, who in particular gave the building a Renaissance appearance.
The portal, built in the Renaissance period and characterized by the presence of uprights, adorned with beautiful candelabra and topped by the capitals that support the upholstery marked by rose windows, is of particular interest.