Cascina del Racconto (Tale Farmstead)

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Via Bonzanigo, 46


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Spazio Kor , Palazzo Catena

It is located at the Società di Mutuo Soccorso (Mutual Aid Association)

A place where you can tell and listen to tales

The Società di Mutuo Soccorso (Mutual Aid Association) Complex

The building that houses the Cascina del Racconto (Tale Farmstead) is part of a larger fourteenth-century complex, located in the historic center of the city of Asti.
In ancient times, this building was the home of the Alfieri family but was later transformed into a convent and, in the twentieth century, it became the seat of the Mutuo Soccorso Fratellanza Militari in Congedo Asti (Mutual Aid Association for Veterans of Asti). This association was established on April 1, 1883, founded by former soldiers who had taken part in the struggles of the Risorgimento and the fight against banditry. The goal was to ensure the families of former soldiers the necessary sustenance in the event of illness, disability or unemployment.

Cascina del Racconto (Tale Farmstead)

The structure overlooks the large courtyard of the Società di Mutuo Soccorso complex.
The section that houses the new cultural and educational center was in the past the most rustic part of the entire complex, which underwent a major renovation in 2000. Thus was born a meeting place where people can attend and participate in new cultural and educational experiences.

The Manifesto

The Manifesto brought before us by the Cascina del Racconto and its associates reads: "It is said that telling stories is what most characterizes us as human beings. It is ancient art and responds to a profound need. [... ] Little by little, history after history has formed a vast encyclopedia. Of knowledge, of course. But also of feeling. And of that particular form of knowledge that makes it possible to experience what another human being feels" (R. Valentino Merletti, Storytelling, Mondadori 1998).