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The beating heart of Asti's cultural activities

Opened in 1860

Every year, it hosts numerous events of prose, dance, music

It can host 700 spectators

The Vittorio Alfieri Municipal Theater

Inaugurated in 1986, the Vittorio Alfieri theater was built by the will of a private company from Asti chaired by Zaccaria Ottolenghi.
The goal was to create a facility capable of hosting the great opera performances of the time. In the first years of the theater's life, important performances were held such as A Masked Ball and The Troubadour by Giuseppe Verdi.

The Structure of the Theater

The theater project managed to combine the elegance of the lines with the scenic functionality of the performances. It was built according to the Italian structure, characterized by a series of elements.
First of all the stalls, which no longer had a rectangular shape but a horseshoe shape, and thus guaranteed better visibility. Then the tiers, which were replaced by four tiers of boxes. And finally, the expansion of the scene, which was given greater depth.
Francesco Gonìn was called to perform the internal decorations: In particular he frescoed the ceiling of the stalls and the curtain, recently restored.

The Early Years of the Twentieth Century

At the beginning of the twentieth century the theater was closed to carry out important restoration works, which also involved the fresco of Francesco Gonìn, ruined by the continuous infiltration of water. The new Alfieri Theatre reopened in 1912, the year in which Mascani’s new play, "Isabeau", was staged, followed by the author himself. The outbreak of the First World War made planning for a new season impossible, and the theatre returned to operation in 1921.

Municipal property

In 1976 the Alfieri Theatre became a municipal property and a few years later underwent further restoration. It reopened in 2002, becoming a privileged venue for important theatrical performances and prestigious seasons of music and prose, attracting high-level national and international artists



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Municipality of Asti

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Municipality of Asti

Piazza San Secondo 1  14100 Asti (AT)
P. IVA 00072360050

Municipality of Asti

Piazza San Secondo 1 – 14100 Asti (AT)
P. IVA 00072360050