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Palazzo Mazzetti , Palazzo Michelerio , Museo dei Fossili, Paleontologico , Torre Rossa , Torre Comentina e Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta e San Gottardo

Mother House of the Congregation of the Oblates of St Joseph

Location of the exhibition area dedicated to San Giuseppe Marello (Saint Joseph Marello)

The remains of the Saint are kept in the sanctuary

Sanctuary of Saint Joseph

Designed in 1927 by the Canon of the Diocese of Acqui, Mons. Alessandro Thea, the facility was erected on the grounds of the ancient church-theater of Saint Agnes, attributable to the Poor Clare monastery of around 1600.
The Romanesque-style building is characterized by the presence of 40 columns (16 central and 24 external) and a single bell tower in the center of the facade, which houses twelve bells. Furthermore, the Sanctuary is also home to the remains of San Giuseppe Marello (Saint Joseph Marello), Founder of the Oblates of St Joseph.

Saint Joseph Marello

Giuseppe Marello (Joseph Marello) was born in Turin on 26 December 1844 and personally experienced the main civil and religious events that marked the second half of the 19th Century of Italy.
Ordained a priest on 19 September 1868, he participated in the First Vatican Ecumenical Council (1869 - 1870) with his bishop, Mons. Carlo Savio. On 14 March 1878, he started the Congregation of the Oblates of Saint Joseph and ten years later he was appointed Bishop of Acqui by Leo XII, with consecration in Rome in 1889. On 30 May 1895, he died in Savona.

Saint Joseph Merello Exhibition Area

The exhibition itinerary crosses the main stages of the Saint's life, addressing the key themes of his work and religiosity. Inside, a multimedia video room and a series of information points are available for visitors to learn about the complex personality of the Saint.
The path winds its way through three main sectors:

  1. Reception - Where the presentation of the exhibition area is located and the visitor has the possibility to personalize the visit;
  2. Work and spirituality of the Saint - Area in which the life, spirituality and work of Saint Joseph Marello are illustrated;
  3. Place of meditation and prayer - The final itinerary in which the relevance of the message of the Saint is proposed to the visitor through the paintings of Brazilian painter Sergio Ceron.



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Gemeinde Asti

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Gemeinde Asti

Piazza San Secondo 1  14100 Asti (AT)
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Gemeinde Asti

Piazza San Secondo 1 – 14100 Asti (AT)
P. IVA 00072360050